Mr. Happy's question:- Shahrukh sir, what is the secret of your massive success?

Mr. Shahrukh Khan's answer:- Happy, in order to become a successful person one should "FOCUS" sincerely with full concentration. Doesn't matter if you work for one hour or five minutes or just one minute just Focus full-heartedly and you will achieve the results. I wish you success Happy. 

Love Shahrukh Khan.

Mr. Shahrukh Khan as an MTV Youth Icon of The Year 2005 

Mr. Happy Bains as an MTV Youth Icon Contestant Winner.

Dear Mr. Bains;

Thanks so much for your kind note and for your gracious hospitality during our recent visit to Surrey.  What a wonderful evening and what great recognition for the incredible cadets – they make me so proud.


In the interim, I wish you all the very best.




Rear-Admiral / Contre amiral W.S. Truelove, OMM, CD 


Department of National Defence / Government of Canada

Commandant du FMAR(P)/FOIP 
Ministère de la Défense nationale / Gouvernement du Canada

Actress, Producer, Host

Neha Dhupia

Dearest Happy, 

It's been so wonderful working with you and spending time with you in London... You are a fantastic worker and a great human being. I wish you all the best with everything and here many more magical moments together.... Now he has taken upon himself to empower youth and women all across the world, starting from Canada. So, please, follow him on his youtube channel called Mr. Happy Bains ....... Good luck Happy, be a good man and make the world a better place.

Love, Luck and Happiness

Neha Dhupia 14th October 2015

Watch Neha Dhupia's testimonial video here 

Actor, Producer, Host 

Karanvir Bhora

If Happy Bains is a Lifestyle Coach then I am his Acting Coach hahaha… 

I am excited to know that you are encouraging people with your life and career coaching profession. Basically, most people do not learn in school and colleges and Happy is here to give them direction for what to do, where to go and how to train our lives. Happy is posting his youtube educational videos and I will suggest watching his videos every week if you can not meet him, at least watch his videos. I wish you all the best Mr. Happy …. Peace out and love for everyone. 

Please watch Actor Karanvir Bhora's testimonial video here

I was very fortunate last week to discover Mr. Happy Bains, "Lead the Life" Goal Setting Seminar Meetup. I have attended many meetups and this one is truly a gem. Happy is warm, welcoming, and utterly supportive of people finding and living their passion. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and made some lovely connections with other attendees. I highly recommend signing up for this evening to gain insight into how to move forward in your work with heart and commitment--Happy offers many guidelines and possibilities.

Daya Harris,

Personal Energy Worker/Counsellor, Tutor, Actor 

Daya Harris​


Vancouver Canada​

Before Mr. Happy Bains taught me his world-famous 'LEAD THE LIFE'
 Certification Course in person and online, my new music manager and CEO of music industry records were helping me pick up the pieces after having been damaged from being betrayed by some people in the music industry and from other traumatic events of my past. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” Mr. Bains helped me discover what my definite major purpose of life was and that I was already pursuing this.
My problem was I was doing so with so much fear, procrastination and apprehension. I was stuck in artist creativity rut full of fear and mistrust towards the world that paralyzed me. I discovered that it truly is possible and realistic for me to aim for global success when I barely believed I could follow my dreams again. While my manager so patiently waited by me and protected me until I felt ready to dust myself off to get up to fight again, to shine again, Mr. Happy Bains miraculously reappeared into my life.
Mr. Happy showed and prepared me how specifically how to refocus on creative ideas, of personal and income making practical tools to do so. Also, Mr. Happy Bains broadened my vision and has helped me to begin to really dig into my truest potential. I could follow my dreams again. I found the courage to begin to find joy in singing and playing instruments again. I even started to teach music after years of running from my love of teaching.
Now that I’m on my way to the next "LEAD THE LIFE" business Advancement Course with Mr. Happy Bains, I have growing faith that I will learn how to make this newly resurrected vision into reality and I honoured to recommend the LEAD THE LIFE Personal, Career and Business Advancement Course.
-Maria Cara
(Recording Artist, singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist, music teacher)
Her first single release March 29th, 2019 Bruised Butterfly is available on iTunes, 
Spotify and Amazon Music. 

Shruti Panwar

Actress, Host,


 I am so so happy to know that my friend Mr. Happy Bains is a certified Career & Business Coach for Youth and Women Empowerment. And it amazing to see him flourish because I know him for 20 full years now. I am very proud of him doing global work and it is very essential to promote and encourage and motivate people to empower women and youth. Especially in India Women Empowerment is very much needed to feel secure and happy to feel safe not threaten that you are a woman and anything can happen to you.

As far as youth is concerned, I think youth is always the future of our nation, world and our Universe in them and they should be empowered and encouraged in the right direction and in the right path which Mr. Happy is doing through his workshop and online coaching and it is so so lovely to see after many years that you had made a benchmark in your profession. 

Live every moment because you never know what is going to come next moment to the fullest and just celebrate your life, you are in this world so live king/queen size....

Please watch Shruti Panwar's testimonial here

Jacob William

CEO at 8020 Media

More than learning It was reminding for me, 8020 Media was founded on principles. During the seminar, you mentioned Warren Buffet today, every time I hear his name and reminds me that 80% of planning and 20% attention. So from your talk about the action about the power of three 8s - 8 hours for creativity and productivity - 8 hours for sleep and 8 hours for work that planning time and creative time focusing on productivity and sincerly work there during working hours and show up even you are entrepreneur or employee and this was a very powerful reminder for me. 

Your seminar was very productive, full of ideas and strategies. Thank you, Mr. Bains

Please watch Jacob William's testimonial here 

It is great Mr. Bains you empower young adults and It was wonderful to say is one of the great things you look at it that where you want to go for the next 12, 18 or next 24 months, start getting around with those people who are already living that lifestyle try to model it that kind of people and you will be amazed what you will achieve into your life.

Thank you, Mr. Bains

Please watch Darren's testimonial here 

  Darren Jacklin

Philanthropist, Investor 


My coaching from Happy Bains regarding career development was excellent and I recommend him to others too. His way of coaching is very impressive. He goes in all details, sincerely puts his efforts, tries his best to make his clients have massive success in their fields and very honest too. I would love to recommend him to all my friends who have clear goals to achieve in life and also those who are not clear yet but have the desire to be successful. 


Malinder Kaur 

Life Coach | Meditation Teacher | Motivational Speaker | Author - India / Canada 

Please watch Malinder's testimonial here

I highly recommend Mr. Happy and his workshops. Extremely valuable information, content and delivery; a great and very welcoming atmosphere and a fun group of people together in assisting in the challenges others face. Happy has a lifetime of experience and a wealth of knowledge that expands to various countries around the world. The passion and inspiration are in his stories.

He is a very professional, dedicated and highly motivated individual that has overcome hardships and is living proof that if anyone follows his system, they too can be successful. I highly recommend him for business, personal, career or lifestyle. - Kal Dhinjal 


Kal Dhinjal

Tiger Fitness, Camp We Empower, Get Inspired Talks, Rugby Canada 

Mr. Bains has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with anyone. He has the patience, the right attitude and theapproachable persona that are found in very successful people like himself. Mr. Bains is a professional of high calibre that is hard to match! 



Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant | Educator | BC Commissioner 

Canada / Malaysia


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