O U R   M A N A G E M E N T 

Happy Bains

Founder / Certified Lifestyle Coach, Author, Consultant and Speaker

Experience, Vision, Integrity: Key factors in a long track record of success over the past two-decade GURU! Has matured and prospered under the leadership of Mr. Happy Bains.

Surrender's global nickname is 'Happy'. Name Happy was given by his mother who passed away when he was just four years old and since then Happy has leveraged his broad experience in Lifestyle & Business development coaching/consulting into an extensive international business network. 


He has participated in mergers & acquisitions, coaching, consulting, the arrangement of finances and numerous other dealings. Among these have been Lifestyle, Events, Education, Fashion & Modelling, Celebrities Management, and Hospitality projects involving both public and global private companies.


 Professionalism and discipline are the two "Crucial Ingredients" he lives by.​


These days Happy is happily busy with empowering youth and women for Lifestyle Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, and Speaking! 

Dr. Brian Martin

Medical & Health Advisor

For over 20 years, Dr. Martin has been a visionary and leader in complementary therapies, specializing in chronic conditions such as stubborn obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. He is a diplomat in anti-aging medicine and expert in the safe use of bio-identical hormones. Dr. Martin has given hundreds of lectures on health and anti-aging and was recommended by Suzanne Somers in her book, Breakthrough.


Dr. Martin founded Just Choose Love Productions Ltd, in 2007 with a mandate to create and help existing business improve the quality of life for people all around the world. In August 2014 Dr. Martin was pleased to merge with Mr. Bains and GURU! GLOBAL CONSULTING LTD  This innovative enhancement allows further opportunity and growth for investors seeking to add a healthcare investment to their portfolio.

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