Success Principle #4 "Going The Extra Mile" For Personal & Professional Growth.

Render more and better service for which you are paid and do it with a Positive Mental Attitude.

Formula Q + Q + MA + A = C

The Q uality of service rendered, plus the Q uantity of service rendered, plus the M ental A ttitude in which it is rendered, Plus A lways = equals your C ompensation in the world and the amount of space you will occupy in the heart of your fellow man/woman. 


Success Principle #5 "Pleasing Personality" For Personal & Professional Growth.

Your personality is your greatest asset or your greatest liability, for it embraces everything that you control: mind, body and soul. It is essential that you develop a Pleasing personality - pleasing to yourself and to others. 

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Exclusive Audio Interview of Book. Part 1 & 2 (Success Secrets)

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